How to Prevent Cataract Formation

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Dense Cataract

Dense Cataract

As people grow older, many people develop cataracts which require, a simple, but an operation nonetheless. The surgery involves removing the opaque cataract and replacing it with a plastic intra-ocular lens.

Many middle aged patients ask if there is something they can do to prevent or delay cataract formation. In my opinion, the following things are helpful:

  1. Wear UV protected sun-glasses when out doors. Ultraviolet rays damage lens protein over time, therefore a good quality UV protecting sunglasses will limit the amount of damaging light entering the eye
  2. Vitamin C intake should be sufficiently high. A research into dietary intake and risk of cataract formation has shown that diet rich in Vitamin C is protective. Fruits and vegetables that contain high vitamin C  include orange, kiwi, broccoli and green leafy vegetables.(1) Multivitamin capsules are NOT helpful.

    Clear intra-ocular lens after cataract removal. 


  3. Quit smoking. Smoking releases free radicals which are harmful to the human lens.
  4. Keep diabetes under control.



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